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We Call Them Road Bags

Road bags exist. They are filled with radioactive topsoil. They sit on the roadsides and in little valleys scattered throughout Fukushima prefecture. When the fallout from the meltdown spread through the rain and air, it landed on the ground. Clean-up continues. In Tomioka, now a ghost town frozen as tsunami-destroyed ruins, the bags are piled five high and stretch across entire fields. Radiation Filters has taken an interest in these bags. They have become a reappearing motif throughout the film. We wish they can find a better dwelling place located father away from human and animal life, than where it tends to accumulate nowadays, often on the side of the road.

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March 11, 2011 Earthquake, Tsunami & Meltdown in Japan

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake hits 130 kilometers off Japan’s northeastern coast at 2:46 P.M. local time. Several nuclear power plants automatically shut down; the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex loses its connection to the electrical grid and diesel generators kick in to continue delivering power to circulated cooling water around the hot nuclear core.

Diesel generators at Fukushima Daiichi shut down at 3:27 P.M. local time after getting slammed by a series of seven tsunamis, some as high as 15 meters.

That evening the Japanese government issues a state of emergency, and officials evacuate thousands of people living within a three-kilometer radius of the power plant.

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Episode 2 – EFT

Back at home Stanley and Rebekah’s anxiety sparks dreams of water contamination and Chernobyl. What will their dreams tell them about the future? Tapping into Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] methods ought to help ’em calm their nerves some so they can decipher their dreams.

Minea Herwitz
Oliver Mellan
Gwyneth Moss

Roth Rind from Rind Raja Productions for gifting me with a Canon 5D MII and 24mm prime lens that this episode was shot on.
Minea Herwitz for her amazing multitasking camera shooting artistry
Esalen institute in Big Sur for providing a place of peace, learning and community
Kevin McLeod for offering amazing songs for free –
Gwyneth Moss for teaching an awesome EFT class and sharing such valuable life skills.


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Californians, meet Diablo Canyon Power Plant

TEPCO manages to pump freshwater into Unit 2.

Seawater collected at a site 330 meters south of the power plant is found to contain 1,250 times the legal limit of the short-lived radioactive element iodine 131, as compared with a day earlier when it contained 103.9 times the limit. Of the longer-lived radioactive elements, cesium 134 is found to be 117.3 times beyond the normal amount, whereas cesium 137 was detected at 79.6 times its standard.